Third Open Source GIS Summer School, Girona, Spain

The GIS and Remote Sensing Centre (University of Girona, Spain), Nottingham Geospatial Institute (University of Nottingham, UK) and OpenGeo¬† are organising the Third Open Source GIS Summer School in July 9-13th 2012 at Girona, Spain. Building on the success of previous editions , this year’s program which will be focused on the development and creation of Open Web Mapping Services and Web applications.

We will be strongly supporting  this excellent initiative. The course has been designed and will be conducted on a GNU/Linux operating system based on the use of the OSGeo-Live DVD.

All course materials produced for the Summer School will be made available through the ELOGeo platform  for the benefit of the wider community. More details at

We welcome participation from all for the Open Source GIS Summer School.


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