Open Nottingham Seminar

This month’s Open Nottingham seminar was presented by Dr Luciene Delazari (Federal University of Parana, Brazil)   on  “Research in Cartography  – overview and perspectives”. In May 2012, Luciene Delazari and her colleagues  established the first Open Source Geospatial Laboratory in the South America at the Federal University of Parana.  Details at  

I was especially pleased to hear updates about the Open Source Geospatial Lab developments that she and her group has established in the last 3 months and the partnerships they have build with various organisations in Brazil . So I am very confident that over the next 2-3 year time frame the Open Source Geospatial Lab at UFPR will rapidly expand and we will build more research collaborations.  

Speaker Biography:

Dr Luciene Delazari is assistant professor in Cartography and GIS at the Federal University of Parana, Brazil. Over the years Luciene Delazari taught many courses in Cartography and GIS, both at undergraduate and graduate level. She gave guest lectures, tutorials and courses at universities and conferences in many cities around Brazil. She is leading Cartography and GIS research at Geodetic Science Program and published over 20 journal papers in this field. Her research interests and publications are in cartographic visualization, interface design for cartographic products and automated cartographic design.


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