10th Anniversary of Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

The 10th Anniversary of the Berlin Open Access Declaration http://openaccess.mpg.de/286432/Berlin-Declaration was held in Berlin . The two day deliberations http://www.berlin11.org/ was a good opportunity to bring together all key players to reflect, share ideas and discuss future plans at a global level. There was also strong representation from UK by RCUK, senior academics from major universities, government and policy makers. David Willetts (Minister for science and universities) gave talk on UK’s policy on Open Access.

It was very inspiring event for me and it was really happy to see the momentum building up globally and to learn more about the latest developments and discuss ideas for future collaborations. It gives us more inspiration to further build up our Open Access initiative ELOGeo http://elogeo.nottingham.ac.uk/ for the benefit of the geospatial community worldwide. Thanks to Amir, Adam, Jeremy and to all the contributors and users of ELOGeo and also JISC for funding and supporting the ELOGeo initiative.
Thanks again to the initiators of the Berlin Declaration for their farsighted vision and noble aspiration to make knowledge and information resources available to everyone.

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