Google – OSGeo Summer of Code program 2014

Thanks to all the mentors, students and especially to OSGeo GSoC Administrators 2014(Anne Ghisla, Hamish Bowman and Dustan Adkins) for another successful organisation of OSGeo Google Summer of Code 2014

All the projects done are excellent but i would to highlight one project which we did this year with the aim to build ideas for collaborative research for ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS labs for the future .

We have strong automated map generalization/schematization research in some of our research labs and thanks to Dr Luciene Delazari (Federal University of Parana, Brazil),  Piotr Pociask (GIS Support Sp, Warsaw) and Dr Mark Ware (University of South Wales) for supervising this excellent work on building the Schematization Plugin for QGIS and student Nishith Maheshwari (IIIT Hyderabad, India) for building this. This will now  enable more collaborative research ideas for the map generalization research community for extending this as an open schematization platform which other students in future can use to build upon. It is an excellent example of how we can build ideas for collaborative research for ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS labs for the future.

This will also help us build ideas for next year’s GSoC by having members of ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS labs network collaborate on other interesting ideas.

Great work all  and thanks for your contributions which help build the momentum for sharing knowledge for the benefit of all.

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