Next steps for “Geo for All” expansion

On behalf of “Geo for All” we are pleased to welcome you to FOSS4G India -2015 in Dehradun , India (June 9-10th, 2015). It is great pleasure that colleagues in our first OSGeo lab to be established in India at IIIT Hyderabad  have played key role for this. Details at

Keeping pace with our global geo education growth plans , it is important that in addition to the regional conferences , for example FOSS4G-Europe  for our European labs; FOSS4G NA  for our North American labs, FOSS4G-Asia  for our Asian labs etc., we need to have country specific FOSS4G conferences established as this helps us to arrange meetings of the national research labs coinciding with the FOSS4G national conferences  for accelerating research and teaching collaborations between our labs in each country. So i call upon all colleagues globally to start planning FOSS4G conferences in your country to meet local needs.

We will also arrange presentation for “Geo for All” at any conferences/events globally to share the Geo4All vision to all .Any one interested are welcome to download the presentation slides available at (link below the map) , translate etc and present it to spread the Open education message strongly to all universities. Combining the potential of  Free and Open Source software, Open Standards, Open Data, Open Education Resources, we are now offering education opportunities to nurture and develop Open Minds in students globally for a better planet and better future for all…

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