Inviting more UK universities to join and expand Open Geospatial Science

Starting from nothing,  4 years back our aim was to establish 5 Open Source Geospatial labs in 5 years globally. Today  we have established 7 Open Source Geospatial Labs established  in  universities in the UK alone

* University of Newcastle
* University College London
* University of South Wales
* University of Southampton
* University of Warwick
* University of Gloucestershire
* University of Nottingham

We thank all our colleagues whose efforts made this possible. This will ensure that all these universities will lead in providing world class research and teaching in Geospatial Science for the future. We want all of them to be centres of innovation bringing together academics, industry and government organisations to collaborate and build up Open Principles in Geospatial Science.
We are especially interested in hearing from universities and research groups  who have focus on Big Data research to establish Open Source Geospatial Labs to rapidly expand their research and teaching in the  following themes building on Open Principles (Open Data, Open Software, Open standards, Open Access to Research publications etc).

  – Transport Science & Applications    

  – Environment and Climate Science 

  –  Urban Data Science

We welcome more universities in the UK to join and expand our collaborations. Please contact our Europe chairs Professor Maria Brovelli ( Email: ) and Dr Peter Mooney (Email- ) and they will be pleased to guide you.

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