The Open Source Geospatial Foundation turns 10

The Board of Directors of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation have send their greetings to everyone on the happy occassion of 10th Anniversary of when our  Foundation was founded (4th Feb 2006) at 

Also i take this opportunity to welcome our  new OSGeo President Professor Venkatesh Raghavan and our new  Vice Presidents Professor Helena Mitasova and Dirk Frigne.

Details at

By coincidence, i was reading  the  United Nations report on  Future trends in geospatial information management: the five to ten year vision report that some  colleagues send me this week . It is very interesting and relevant.

Executive Summary
. . .the most significant changes in the geospatial industry will come not through a single technology, but rather from linking multiple technologies and policies. [ this is exactly what OSGeo & Geo4All are doing :)]

Due to increased global urbanisation, it is expected that more focus will be placed on urban environments. The integration of smart technologies and efficient governance models will increase and the mantra of ‘doing more for less’ is more relevant than ever before. The emerging trends of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, coupled with of smart resource management and interoperable services, will lead to a focus on citizen services, better land management, and the sustainability of resources. [ This is exactly our OpenCitySmart – – The Open platform for Smart Cities ideas in action [1], [2]  🙂 ]

Details at

Happy birthday to OSGeo Foundation and may God’s grace and blessings be with all of us and OSGeo for our efforts to empower everyone with open geo principles  to help create a world that is more accessible, equitable and full of innovation and opportunities for everyone.

Best wishes,

Suchith Anand


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