Pass it on – Joy of selfless sharing on GIS Day and other Geo events

Dear colleagues,

May i request all who are taking part in various Geo events (Geography Awareness Week, OSM Geo Week, GIS day etc ) to  make use of the opportunity to promote Open Principles in GeoEducation by sharing information on GeoForAll and welcoming those interested to be part of Open Principles in Education. Please give away OSGeo Live DVDs, USBs [1] and share GeoForAll ideas [2]  at these events.

Our students worldwide are now our GeoAmbassodors and already doing a great contribution by excellent work that they are doing now  as the biggest donors of GIS software[3].   I am also very happy that free and open source software like QGIS have now fully  empowered  all and students and by sharing the software ,  students are now the biggest donors of GIS software. They are breaking down the artificial barriers created by proprietary GIS vendors and rapidly bringing down the walls of digital divide.  The values of sharing and caring that  our current students globally have are more important than thier technical skills or knowledge and they inspire me every second. They are all true global citizens. Knowledge without compassion is useless. Caring and sharing are important values in education  . Details of why this is important at

The ideas are summarized at

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 05.56.42

I am warmly welcoming all GeoMentors to be TrueMentors and start supporting Open Principles in Education. Just share GeoForAll ideas and urls of of free and open source software like  QGIS download from     (there is also lot of documentation for learning at      and  free online materails produced by GeoForAll colleagues at GeoAcademy with comprehensive QGIS tutorials  at      and  the freely available training materials at with everyone and you are a True GeoMentor!   So please pass on the GeoForAll ideas to everyone. Everyone is welcome to join the fun and festivities of Geo days to accelerate sharing and donation of free and open source GIS! So easy 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 13.02.19
Open principles in geoeducation (open educational resources, free and open software, open data, open standards etc) are key for  true empowerment of staff and students globally and making geospatial education and opportunities accessible to all [2] . We look forward to working and building collaborations with all interested in this education mission. Access to quality education and opportunities is key for getting rid of extreme poverty and enabling broadly shared prosperity for all. Millions of globally connected minds working together on the common mission of enabling Open Education opportunities for everyone will be key for making these developments possible. An idea whose time has come is the most powerful force in the universe, and the time for “Access to quality education opportunities for everyone” has arrived.

Education + Empowerment = GeoForAll

Happy GIS Day greetings in advance to all…

May the FOSS be with everyone…

Best wishes,


Dr. Suchith Anand

GeoForAll – Building and expanding Open Geospatial Science


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