Where is your organisations’s Open Source Report Card?

Google has shared thier annual Open Source Report Card, highlighting thier most popular projects,  statistics and detailing some of the projects they have released in 2016.


I thought it is really good idea and it will be good if more organisations start producing their annual Open Source report cards. So I request all business and government organisations to produce your annual open source report card and we will be pleased to publish it in our Geo4All newsletter. Economic impact of open source software on innovation and the competitiveness of the ICT sector is huge as many studies have shown. Open source is not only a catalyst for business  growth, but also a key driver and enabler of future success for many startups today.

Even properitary GIS vendors are dependent on open source software and libraries for their service delivery so it is important that they acknowledge this and thank the open source and OSGeo community.

Open source software and open data are the backbone  that underpins much of the service delivery across the public, private and consumer sectors of the world economy. 
 Governments, industry ,start-ups are leveraging open source software and open data to accelerate innovation in Geospatial. But more importantly Open Principles are key for true empowerment and sustainability.


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