OSGIS 2012 Presentation recordings

Some of the recordings of Fourth Open Source GIS Conference – OSGIS 2012 presentations are available. We thank all presenters, delegates and IS Team (Sally Hanford) who helped with the webcast recordings.

Day 1  – Workshops

Welcome and Scene Setting – Jeremy Morley (University of Nottingham)

OSM-GB Overview – Steven Feldman (KnowWhere)

OSGeo Live 5.0 as a medium for laboratory teaching of Geospatial Information Services – Jeremy Morley (NGI)

Exploring Projections and Coordinate Systems with OSGEO Live – Jiri Kadlec (Aalto University, Finland)

Day 1 Closing session


Day 2 – Main Conference Presentations

Welcome and OSGIS introduction – Suchith Anand (University of Nottingham)

Ordnance Survey: embracing the open source opportunity – Ian James (Ordnance Survey)

An Open Source INSPIRE-ready SDI – H Doeleman (GeoCat)

ICOS-Spain Carbon Data Portal – Oscar Fonts (geomati.co Freelance GIS Network)
Physical Landscape of Britain and Northern Ireland: technical development – Claudio Piccinini (Kingston University)

Open Source GIS in Disaster Management and Mitigation: Capacity Building in Southern Africa – Antony Scott (MapAction/Sustain UK)

Developing a Pacific Salmon Lifecycle Web Mapping Data Portal – Lynnae Sutton (Fish Passage Centre, USA)

Automatically repairing polygons and planar partitions – Ken Arroyo Ohori (TU Delft)

OSGeo Live 6.0 – Barry Rowlingson (Lancaster University)


First CfP for Academic Track – FOSS4G 2013 “Geo for All”

On behalf of FOSS4G 2013 LOC, we are pleased to announce the first CfP for the Academic Track

 FOSS4G 2013 Academic Track:  “Science for Open Source, Open Source for Science”

 The FOSS4G 2013 Academic Track is bringing together researchers, developers, users and practitioners carrying out research and development in the geospatial and the free and open source fields.

 With the Academic Track motto “Science for Open Source, Open Source for Science”, we aim to attract academic papers describing

  •  the use of open source geospatial software and data, in and for scientific research, as well as 
  • academic endeavours to conceptualize, create, assess, and teach open source geospatial software and data.

 Based on these categories, to promote a strong connection between the Academic Track and the other elements of FOSS4G 2013, we hope for contributions within the following themes:

  •  Data Quality, Software Quality and Service Quality 
  • Community Building 
  • Doing more for less: Assessment of costs and benefits of open source applications and open source business models 
  • Use of Open Data to inform public services 
  • FOSS vs. FOSS4g: Is spatial special? 
  • Architectures and frameworks for open source software and data 
  • Teaching Geospatial Sciences with open source solutions 
  • Open Source GIS application use cases : Government, Participatory GIS, Location based services, Health, Energy, Water, Climate change, etc. 
  • Human Computer Interfaces and Usability in and around Open GI systems

We invite academics and researchers to submit full papers in English, of maximum 8,000 words, before the deadline of 1 February 2013. More detailed requirements, regarding layout, formatting and the submission process, will be published in the 2nd Call for Papers, expected late November 2012.

Your contributions will be reviewed (double-blind) by a diverse reviewing committee of experts in the field, who will be asked to assess the papers on originality and academic rigour, as well as interest for the wider FOSS4G community. We expect to select 20-25 papers for presentation and publication. From this selection, a maximum of 8-10 papers will be given the opportunity for inclusion in a special issue of the renowned international journal Transactions in GIS. The remaining papers will be published in the online OSGEO Journal.

We would like to specifically invite “early stage researchers” (PhD students, PostDocs) to use this opportunity to aim for a high-ranking publication.

Authors of all selected papers will be expected to present their work in detail in a separate Academic Track (with 20-30 minute slots), and will also be given the opportunity to pitch the central theme of their paper in short ‘lightning’ talks to the larger community, to generate attention and cross-pollenate with industry, developers and users.

For questions, comments and remarks, contact the Academic Track co-chairs:

 Franz-Josef Behr (Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences): franz-josef.behr [at] hft-stuttgart.de

 Barend Köbben (ITC-University of Twente): kobben [at] itc.nl 

More details at http://2013.foss4g.org/academic-track/call-for-papers/

We look forward to active participation from you for “FOSS4G 2013 – Geo for All”

Open Nottingham Seminar – Dr. Tuong Thuy Vu (UNMC)

The next Open Nottingham seminar will be delivered by Dr. Tuong Thuy Vu (University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus) on  1st Nov 2012 (Thursday).

Thuy led the establishment of Open Source Geospatial  Lab at School of Geography , Malaysia in January 2012. This is the first such facility in Malaysia and aims to help create collaboration opportunities for academia, industry and government organisations in open source GIS which will help to create a sustainable environment for open source GIS in Malaysia. In very short time he has build up lot of research activity for the lab building collaborations with other schools and departments in UNMC. There is already strong collaboration with CFFRC in building up AgriGIS research which will expand the labs research for the future. Jointly with CFFRC, the lab organised  AgriGIS 2012 earlier this year http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ngi/documents/news-pdfs/agrigis2012proceedings.pdf

He is now helping establish Open Source Geospatial Labs in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and other universities across Malaysia and South East Asia.  Thuy has also been strongly involved in building up Open Nottingham activities at Malaysia Campus.

Seminar details below:

Date: 1st November 2012 (Thursday)

Time: 13:00-14:00

Venue:  A19, Nottingham Geospatial Building, Jubilee Campus

Speaker :  Dr. Tuong Thuy Vu (University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus)

Title: “Development of Open Source Geospatial Research & Education at UNMC”


The School of Geography started its operation in Malaysia campus in early 2011 with a newly established MSc program in Environmental Monitoring and Management. None of teaching and research related to Geospatial Science existed in Malaysia campus till the School of Geography brought in the first group of Geospatial Scientists. This presentation introduces the development of Geospatial Research & Education at UNMC in the last short one and half years, focusing in the Open Source Geospatial initiative by Dr. Vu in collaboration with colleagues at Nottingham Geospatial Institute.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Tuong Thuy Vu is an  Assistant Professor, School of Geography, Malaysia Campus. His research covers Digital Image Analysis (algorithm development), high-performance computing, Remote Sensing and GIS applications to disaster management and urban environment and Open Source Geospatial Research and Development.


The slides of the presentation are now available in our ELOGeo repository at



New Open Source Geospatial Research and Education Lab established at North Carolina State University

We are pleased to announce the establishment of first Open Source Geospatial Research and Education (OSGeoREL) Laboratory in the United States at the Center for Earth Observation, North Carolina State University, Raleigh.  The laboratory is one of the founding members of a worldwide network developed under the auspices of the ICA-OSGeo MoU.

OSGeoREL at NCSU is led by Dr. Helena Mitasova and Dr. Laura Tateosian. The laboratory has an established program in graduate education in geospatial information science and technology using FOSS4G and extensive research in geospatial analysis, modeling and visualization with focus on natural resources.

Dr. Helena Mitasova is an Associate Professor at the Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, OSGeo charter member since 2006, member of the OSGeo education and conference committees and Sol Katz award recipient  http://www.osgeo.org/solkatz
She has been actively involved in the GRASS GIS development since 1991 and together with Markus Neteler she has co-authored the first book about GRASS GIS.

Dr. Laura Tateosian is Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Earth Observation Her research interest focus is on visualization, human visual perception, computer graphics, geospatial sciences, non-photorealistic rendering, and human-computer interaction.
More details of the lab at http://gis.ncsu.edu/osgeorel/

For those of you attending the Open Source Geospatial Research and Education Symposium (OGRS 2012) http://www.ogrs2012.org/ later this month it will be good opportunity to also hear  Helena’s Keynote presentation  on “Building open source geospatial education at research universities”.

Open Source GIS & WebMapping for UN staff

The ICA Commision on Open Source Geospatial Technologies will be running a  workshop on “Open Source GIS & WebMapping for UN staff” on  the 20th & 21st November 2012 in Vienna, Austria. This event is organised as a pre-event to SOMAP 2012. The workshop will be led by Barend Köbben (ITC, Netherlands)

More details at http://kartoweb.itc.nl/kobben/SOMAP-OSGEO-workshop/index.html

All workshop materails will be made available at the workshop website after the event for the benifit of the wider community.