ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS Awards for NASA Europa Challenge 2015

On behalf of the “Geo for All” community , we would like to thank Patrick Hogan and Maria Brovelli for their hardwork and dedication in organising another successful year of  NASA World Wind Europa Challenge  http://eurochallenge.como.polimi.it/

We thank all the excellent teams for their contributions and participation. Details of 2015 projects at http://eurochallenge.como.polimi.it/projects2015

Also our thanks to the generosity of The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) , The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), and The International Cartographic Association (ICA) whose  contribution made it possible for us to provide the top three academic teams with  financial awards.

The top team this year was an exceptional group from a high school in Alaska that demonstrated leading edge scientific research along with the technology to collect, analyse and visualise that data in real time (USD 1000). Their amazing work on Global Earthquake Forecast System  (GEFS)  is a real inspiration for all and great example of how empowering our future generations is key for helping us find solutions for global societal challenges.

The second place team was led by Computer Science Professor Jim Miller of  Kansas University (€500).

The third place team was led by Computer Science Professor Jing Li at the University of Denver (€500).

This global challenge has a singular purpose, provide the opportunity for the world’s *best and brightest* to deliver sustainable solutions to the world community. These teams have done this and done it well…

Our thanks to all the mentors and students for their efforts. We are especially pleased to see the synergies of bringing together three like minded organisations (OSGeo, ICA and ISPRS) on our joint education mission. Let us work for this inclusiveness and togetherness spirit to enable the world’s *best and brightest* to deliver sustainable solutions to the world community.

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